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Speleogenesis Issue 10, 2011

Re-published article
Lauritzen, S.-E.
Caves and speleogenesis at Blomstrandsøya, Kongsfjord, W. Spitsbergen
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Original article
Rodrigues, P.
Speleogenesis of Alecrineiros Shaft
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Audra P.; Lauritzen S.-E.; Rochette P.
Speleogenesis in the hyperkarst of the Nakanai Mountains (New Britain, Papua New-Guinea). Evolution model of a juvenile system (Muruk Cave) inferred from U/Th and paleomagnetic dating
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Audra, P.
Rainfall, flows and percolation in Nakanai Mountains karst
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Audra, P., Hoblé a F.
Water tracing in the Muruk-Berenice system (Nakanai Mountains, New Britain, Papua New Guinea)
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Audra, P.
The role of seismic activity in the formation of large underground cavities in the Muruk System, Nakanai Mountains, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Original article
Kalantari, N.; Mohammadi, R.
A dye-tracing investigation in the Poshte-Naz Karstic aquifer, Alburz Mountain, northern Iran
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Sinreich, M.; Flynn, R.
Comparative tracing experiments to investigate epikarst structural and compositional heterogeneity
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Original article
Schindel, Geary M.
Honshu, Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 9.0 Magnitude recorded in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio, Texas
UIS KHS, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10
Re-published article
Birmingham, Andrew N.; Mylroie, Joan R.; Mylroie, John E.; Lace, Michael J.
Bell Hole Origin: Constraints on Developmental Mechanisms, Crooked Island, Bahamas
UIS KHS, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 10

Featured articles from karst and cave journals

Cave exploration as a guide to geologic research in the Appalachians; Palmer, A.N.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2009; 71, 3; 180-192

Underground meteorology - “What’s the weather underground?”; Badino, Giovanni
Acta carsologica 2010; 39, 3; 427-448

Contributions of geophysical techniques to the exploration of the Molnár János Cave (Budapest, Hungary); Surányi, Gergely; Dombrádi, Endre; Leél-Őssy, Szabolcs
Acta carsologica 2010; 39, 3; 565-576

Speleothems and speleogenesis of the hypogenic Santa Barbara Cave System (South-West Sardinia, Italy); Pagliara, Antonio; De Waele, Jo; Forti, Paolo; Galli, Ermanno; Rossi, Antonio
Acta carsologica 2010; 39, 3; 551-564

Fold and fault control on the drainage pattern of a double-karst-aquifer system, Winterstaude, Austrian Alps; Goldscheider, N; Neukum, C.
Acta carsologica 2010; 39, 2; 173-186

A spreadsheet program (Scallopex) to calculate paleovelocities from cave wall scallops; Woodward, Emily; Sasowsky, Ira D.
Acta carsologica 2009; 38, 2; 303-305

Derbyshire pipe veins - deep-seated speleogenesis; Ford, T.D.
Cave and Karst Science 2010; 37, 1; 9-22

Caves as sea level and uplift indicators, Kangaroo Island, South Australia; Mylroie J.E. and Mylroie J.R.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2009; 71, 1; 32-47

The sulfidic thermal caves of Acquasanta Terme (central Italy); Galdenzi S., Cocchioni F., Filipponi G., Morichetti L., Scuri S., Selvaggio R., and Cocchioni M.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2010; 72, 1; 43-58

The mineralogy and trace element chemistry of black manganese oxide deposits from caves; White W.B., Vito C., and Scheetz B.E.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2009; 71, 2; 136-143

The association between bubble trails and folia: a morphological and sedimentary indicator of hypogenic speleogenesis by degassing, example from Adaouste Cave (Provence, France); Audra P., Mocochain L., Bigot J.-Y., Nobéourt J.-C.
International Journal of Speleology 2009; 38, 2; 93-102

Coastal cave in Bahamain eolian calcarenites: Differentiating between sea caves and flank margin caves using quantitative morphology; Waterstrat, Willapa J., Mylroie, John E., Owen, Athena M. and Mylroie, Joan R.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2010; 72, 2; 61-74

The relationship between cave minerals and H2S rich thermal waters along the Cerna Valley (SW Romania); Onac, Bogdan P.; Sumbrall, Jonathan; Tamas, Tudor; Povara, Ioan; Kearns, Joe; Darmiceanu, Veronica; Veres, Daniel; Lascu, Cristian
Acta carsologica 2009; 38, 1; 27-39

Comparison of 14C and U-Th ages of two Holocene phreatic overgrowths on speleothems from Mallorca (Western Mediterranean): Environmental implications; Tuccimei , P.; Strydonck, M.V.; Ginés, A; Ginés, J.; Soligo, M.; Villa, I. M.; Fornós, J. J.
International Journal of Speleology 2011; 40, 1; 1-8

A comparative integrated geophysical study of Horseshoe Chimney Cave, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas; Brown, W. A.; Stafford, K.; Shaw-Faulkner, M.; Grubbs, A.
International Journal of Speleology 2011; 40, 1; 9-16

Inversion for the Input History of a Dye Tracing Experiment; Field, M.S.; Li, G.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2011; 73, 1; 17-20

Featured articles from other geoscience journals

Karstification beneath dam-sites: From conceptual models to realistic scenarios; Hiller, Thomas; Kaufmann, Georg; Romanov, Douchko
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 398, 3; 202-211

Sulfur isotopic composition and the source of dissolved sulfur species in thermo-mineral springs of the Cerna Valley, Romania; Wynn, Jonathan G.; Sumrall, Jonathan B.; Onac, Bogdan P.
Chemical Geology 2010; 271, 1; 31-43

Conduit enlargement in an eogenetic karst aquifer; Moore, Paul J.; Martin, Jonathan B.; Screaton, Elizabeth J.; Neuhoff, Philip S.
Journal of Hydrology ; 393, 3; 143-155

Water exchange and pressure transfer between conduits and matrix and their influence on hydrodynamics of two karst aquifers with sinking streams; Bailly-Comte, Vincent; Martin, Jonathan B.; Jourde, Hervé; Screaton, Elizabeth J.; Pistre, Séverin; Langston, Abigail
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 386, 1; 55-66

The initial stages of cave formation: Beyond the one-dimensional paradigm; Szymczak, Piotr; Ladd, Anthony J.C.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2011; 301, 3; 424-432

Catchment scale tracer testing from karstic features in a porous limestone; Maurice, L.; Atkinson, T.C.; Williams, A.T.; Barker, J.A.; Farrant, A.R.
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 389, 1; 31-41

Dramatic increase in late Cenozoic alpine erosion rates recorded by cave sediment in the southern Rocky Mountains; Refsnider, Kurt A.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2010; 297, 3; 505-511

Relative importance of the saturated and the unsaturated zones in the hydrogeological functioning of karst aquifers: The case of Alta Cadena (Southern Spain); Mudarra, M.; Andreo, B.
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 397, 3; 263-280

Effects of Karst and geological structure on groundwater flow: The case of Yarqon-Taninim Aquifer, Israel; Dafny, Elad; Burg, Avi; Gvirtzman, Haim
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 389, 3; 260-275

Wormhole formation in dissolving fractures; Szymczak, P.; Ladd, A.J.C.
Journal of Geophysical Research 2009; , 114; 0-

Middle-Late Quaternary paleoclimate of northern margins of the Saharan-Arabian Desert: reconstruction from speleothems of Negev Desert, Israel; Vaks, Anton; Bar-Matthews, Miryam; Matthews, Alan; Ayalon, Avner; Frumkin, Amos
Quaternary Science Reviews 2010; 29, 19; 2647-2662

Solutional features and cave deposits related to hypogene speleogenetic processes in a littoral cave of Mallorca Island (western Mediterranean) ; Fornós, J.J.; Merino, A.; Ginés, J.; Ginés, A.; Gràcia, F.
Carbonates and Evaporites 2010; 26, 1; 69-81

Spring Geochemistry; White, W.
2010; , ; 231-268

Location, Location, Location! Lava Caves on Mars for Habitat, Resources, and the Search for Life; Boston, Penelope J.
Journal of Cosmology 2010; 12, ; 3957-3979

Morphometry and distribution of isolated caves as a guide for phreatic and confined paleohydrological conditions; FRUMKIN A;Fischhendler I;
Geomorphology 2005; 67, 0; 457-471

Influence of initial aperture variability on conduit development in hypogene settings; Rehrl, C.; Birk, S.; Klimchouk, A.B.
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 2010; 54, 2; 237-258

Hypogene gypsum karst and sinkhole formation at Moncalvo (Asti, Italy); Vigna, B.; Fiorucci, A.; Banzato, C.; Forti, P.; De Waele, J.
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 2010; 54, 2; 285-306

Young uplift in the non-glaciated parts of the Eastern Alps; Wagner, T.; Fabel, D.; Fiebig, M.; Häuselmann, Ph.; Sahy, D.; Xu, S.; Stüwe,K.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2010; , 295; 159-169

Alteration of fractures by precipitation and dissolution in gradient reaction environments: Computational results and stochastic analysis; Chaudhuri,A.; Rajaram,H.; Viswanathan,H.
Water Resources Research 2008; , 44; 0-

Karst hydrology of Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA; Hill, C.A.; Polyak, V.J.
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 390, 0; 169-181

Modeling three-dimensional karst aquifer evolution using different matrix-flow contributions; Kaufmann, G.; Romanov, D.; Hiller, T.
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 388, 0; 241-250

Karstification in unconfined limestone aquifers by mixing of phreatic water with surface water from a local input: A model; Gabrovšek F.; Dreybrodt W.
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 386, 1; 130-141

Polyphase speleogenesis in Lick Creek Cave, Little Belt Mountains, Montana, USA; Carriere,K.L.; Machel,H.G.; Hopkins,J.C.
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 2010; 106, 0; 53-68

Identifying low-temperature hydrothermal karst and palaeowaters using stable isotopes: a case study from an alpine cave, Entrische Kirche, Austria; Spotl, C.; Dublyansky, Y.; Meyer, M.; Mangini, A.
International Journal of Earth Sciences 2009; 98, ; 665-676

Self-Organized Permeability in Carbonate Aquifers; Worthington S.; Ford D.
Ground Water 2009; 47, 3; 326-336

Percolation and Particle Transport in the Unsaturated Zone of a Karst Aquifer; Pronk, M.; Goldscheider, N.; Zopfi, J.; Zwahlen, F.
Ground Water 2009; 47, 3; 361-369

NMR Imaging of Fluid Exchange between Macropores and Matrix in Eogenetic Karst; Florea L.J.; Cunningham K.J.; Altobelli S.
Ground Water 2009; 47, 3; 382-390

Buoyant convection resulting from dissolution and permeability growth in vertical limestone fractures; Chaudhuri, A.; Rajaram, H.; Viswanathan, H.; Zyvoloski G.; Stauffer, P.
Bulletin de La Societe Geologique de France 2009; 36, ; 0-

Recent developments in surface and subsurface karst geomorphology: An introduction; De Waele,J.; Plan,L.; Audra,Ph.
Geomorphology 2009; 106, 0; 1-8

Evidence of inception horizons in karst conduit networks; Filipponi,M; Jeannin, P-Y.; Tacher, L.
Geomorphology 2009; 106, 0; 86-99

Morphogenesis of hypogenic caves; Klimchouk A.B.
Geomorphology 2009; , 106; 100-117

Phreatic drainage conduits within quartz sandstone: Evidence from the Jurassic Precipice Sandstone, Carnarvon Range, Queensland, Australia; Wray R.
Geomorphology 2009; , 110; 203-211

Modelling karst geomorphology on different time scales; Kaufmann G.
Geomorphology 2009; , 106; 62-77

Karstification of aquifers interspersed with non-soluble rocks: From basic principles towards case studies; Romanov, D.; Kaufmann, G.; Hiller, T.
Engineering Geology 2010; 116, 0; 261-273

Genesis and functioning of the Aix-les-Bains hydrothermal karst (Savoie, France): past research and recent advances; Hoblea, F.; Gallino-Josnin, S.; Audra, Ph.
Bulletin de La Societe Geologique de France 2010; 181, 4; 315-326

Hypogenic caves in France. Speleogenesis and morphology of the cave systems; Audra, Ph.; d'Antoni-Nebecourt, J.C.; Bigot, J.-Y.
Bulletin de La Societe Geologique de France 2010; 181, 4; 327-335

Rethinking eastern Australian caves; Osborne, R.A.L.
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 2010; 346, ; 289-308

Community Structure of Subsurface Biofilms in the Thermal Sulfidic Caves of Acquasanta Terme, Italy; Jones,D.S.; Tobler,D.J.; Schaperdoth,I.; Mainiero,M.; Macalady, J.L.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2010; 76, 17; 5902-5910

Artesian origin of a cave developed in an isolated horst: a case pf Smocza Jama (Kraków Upland, Poland); Gradziñski, Michal; Motyka, Jacek; Górny, Andrzej
Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 2009; 79, ; 159-168

Submarine and coastal karstic groundwater discharges along the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey; Bayari, Serdar C.; Ozyurt, Nur N.; Oztan, Mehmet; Bastanlar, Yalin; Varinlioglu, Guzden; Koyuncu, Hayati; Ulkenli, Haldun; Hamarat, Serdar
Hydrogeology Journal 2010; , ; -

The impact of glacier ice-contact and subglacial hydrochemistry on evolution of maze caves: A modelling approach; Skoglund, Rannveig Ovrevik; Lauritzen, Stein-Erik; Gabrovsek, Franci
Journal of Hydrology 2010; 388, 1; 157-172

Volcanogenic origin of cenotes near Mt Gambier, southeastern Australia; Webb, John A.; Grimes, Ken G.; Lewis, Ian D.
Geomorphology 2010; 119, 1; 23-35

Epikarst hydrology and implications for stalagmite capture of climate changes at Grotta di Ernesto (NE Italy): results from long-term monitoring; Miorandi, Renza; Borsato, Andrea; Frisia, Silvia; Fairchild, Ian J.; Richter, Detlev K.
Hydrological Processes 2010; 24, 21; 3101-3114

Pleistocene water intrusions from the Mediterranean and Caspian seas into the Black Sea; Badertscher, S.; Fleitmann, D.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, R.L.; Göktürk, O.M.; Zumbühl, A.; Leuenberger, M.; Tüysüz, O.
Nature Geoscience 2011; , 4; 236-239

Constraints on alpine speleogenesis from cave morphology - A case study from the eastern Totes Gebirge (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria); Plan, Lukas; Filipponi, Marco; Behm, Michael; Seebacherd, Robert; Jeutter, Peter
Geomorphology 2009; 106, 1; 118-129

A dimensionless number describing the effects of recharge and geometry on discharge from simple karstic aquifers; Covington, M.D.; Wicks, C.M.; Saar, M.O.
Water Resources Research 2009; 45, ; -

Classification of thermal patterns at karst springs and cave streams; Luhmann, A.; Covington, M.; Peters, A.; Alexander ,S.; Cale, A.; Green, J. E.; Alexander, Jr.
Ground Water 2010; 49, 3; 324-335

An Unsung Carbon Sink ; Larson, Christina
Science 2011; , 334; 886-887

Review: The Yucatan Peninsula karst aquifer, Mexico ; Bauer-Gottwein, Peter; Gondwe, Bibi R. N.; Charvet, Guillaume; Marin, Luis E.; Rebolledo-Vieyra, Mario; Merediz-Alonso, Gonzalo
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 3; 507-524