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KarstBase a bibliography database in karst and cave science.

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Speleogenesis Issue 11, 2011

Re-published article (From Cave and Karst Science, 2008, 35 (3)):
Waltham, Tony
Fengcong, fenglin, cone karst and tower karst
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Original article
Martini, J.E.J.
Paleokarst investigation near Saint-Remèze, Ardèche, France: discovery of an underground river fossilised during the Messinian salinity crisis
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Re-published article (From Freile, D., and Park, L. , eds., 2008, Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the geology of the Bahamas and Other carbonate regions, p. 135-139):
Mylroie, John E.; Mylroie, Joan R.; Jenson, John W.; MacCracken, Rob
Fresh-water lens anisotropy and flank margin cave development, Fais Island, FSM
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Re-published article (From Davis, R. L., and Gamble, D. W., eds., 2006, Proceedings of the 12th Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas and Other Carbonate Regions, p. 88-99):
Kelley, Kristin N.; Mylroie, John E.; Mylroie, Joan R.; Moore, Christopher M.; Collins, Laura R.; Ersek, Lica; Lascu, Ioan; Roth, Monica J.; Moore, Paul J.; Passion, Rex; Shaw, Charles
Eolianites and Karst Development in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Re-published article (From Martin, R. and Panuska, B., eds., 2004, Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas and Other Carbonate Regions, Gerace Research Center, San Salvador Island, Bahamas, p. 145-155):
Moore, Paul J.; Seale, L. Don; Mylroie, John E.
Pit cave morphologies in eolianites: variability in primary structure control
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Original article
Klimchouk, A.B.; Timokhina, E.I.; Amelichev, G.N.
Hypogene speleogenesis in the Cenozoic carbonates of the Prichernomorsky artesian basin (north Black Sea region)
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11
Original article
Jacoby, B.S.; Peterson, E.W.; Dogwiler T.; Kostelnick J C.
Estimating the Timing of Cave Level Development with GIS
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2011, ISSUE 11

Featured articles from karst and cave journals

Subglacial Maze Origin in Low-Dip Marble Stripe Karst: Examples from Norway; Skoglund, R.O.; Lauritzen, S.-E.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2011; 73, 1; 31-44

Recent developments on morphometric analysis of karst caves; Piccini, Leonardo
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 1; 43-52

Hypogenic caves in western Umbria (central Italy); Menichetti, Marco
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 1; 129-145

Derbyshire pipe veins - deep-seated speleogenesis; Ford, T.D.
Cave and Karst Science 2010; 37, 1; 9-22

An external model of speleogenesis during Quaternary glacial cycles in the marbles of central Scandinavia; Faulkner, T.
Cave and Karst Science 2010; 37, 3; 79-92

Conceptual modelling of brine flow into aquifers adjacent to the Konarsiah salt diapir, Iran; Zarei, Mehdi; Raeisi, Ezzat
Cave and Karst Science 2010; 37, 3; 37-44

Preliminary U/Th dating and the evolution of gypsum crystals in Naica caves (Mexico); Sanna, Laura; Forti, Paolo; Lauritzen, Stein-Erik
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 1; 17-28

Laser Scanning Technology for the Hypogean Survey: the case of Santa Barbara Karst System (Sardinia, Italy); Canevese, Erminio Paolo; Forti, Paolo ; Naseddu, Angelo; Ottelli, Luciano; Tedeschi, Roberta
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 1; 65-77

The first cave occurrence of orpiment (As₂S₃) from the sulfuric acid caves of Aghia Paraskevi (Kassandra Peninsula, N. Greece); Lazaridis, Georgios; Melfos, Vasilios; Papadopoulou, Lambrini
International Journal of Speleology 2011; 40, 2; 133-139

Minerals and Speleothems of the József-hegy Cave (Budapest, Hungary); Leél-Össy, Szabolcs; Szanyi, Gyöngyvér; Surány, Gergely
International Journal of Speleology 2011; 40, 2; 191-203

LETTER: Comments on processes contributing to the isotope composition of 13C and 18O in calcite deposited to speleothems ; Dreybrod, Wolfgang
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 2; 233-238

Sulfate and Phosphate Speleothems at Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia ; Pogson, Ross E.; Osborne, R. Armstrong L.; Colchester, David M.; Cendón,Dioni I.
Acta carsologica 2011; 40, 2; 239-254

The use of a karstic cave system in a study of active tectonics: fault displacements recorded at Driny Cave, Male Karpaty Mts (Slovakia); Briestensky, Milos; Stemberk, Josef; Michalik, Jozef; Bella, Pavel; Rowberry, Matt D.
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 2011; 73, 2; 114-123

Ogof Draenen: speleogenesis of a hydrological see-saw from the karst of South Wales; FARRANT, Andrew R.; SIMMS, Michael J.
Caves and Karst Science 2011; 38, 1; 31-52

Featured articles from other geoscience journals

Geochemical and statistical evidence of recharge, mixing, and controls on spring discharge in an eogenetic karst aquifer; Moore, Paul J.; Martin, Jonathan B.; Screaton, Elizabeth J.
Journal of Hydrology 2009; 376, 3; 443-455

Hydrochemical variations of epikarst springs in vertical climate zones: a case study in Jinfo Mountain National Nature Reserve of China; Zhang, Cheng; Yan, Jun; Pei, Jianguo; Jiang, Yongjun
Environmental Earth Science 2011; 63, 2; -

Evidence for a hypogene paleohydrogeological event at the prospective nuclear waste disposal site Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA, revealed by the isotope composition of !uid-inclusion water; Dublyansky, Yuri V.; Spötl, Christoph
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2010; , 289; 583-594

Characteristics of discharge at Rose and Gellért Hills, Budapest, Hungary; Erõss, Anita; Mádl-Szõnyi, Judit; Csoma, Anita É.
Central European Geology 2008; 51, 3; 267-281

Imprints of hydrocarbon-bearing basinal fluids on a karst system: mineralogical and fluid inclusion studies from the Buda Hills, Hungary; Poros, Zsofia; Mindszenty, Andrea; Molnar, Ferenc; Pironon, Jacques; Gyori, Orsolya; Ronchi, Paola; Szekeres, Zoltan
International Journal of Earth Sciences 2011; , ; -

Holocene glacier history from alpine speleothems, Milchbach cave, Switzerland; Luetscher, M.; Hoffmann, D.L.; Frisia, S.; Spötl, C.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2011; , 302; 95-106

Speleogenesis in highly geodynamic contexts: The quaternary evolution of Monte Corchia multi-level karst system (Alpi Apuane, Italy); Piccini, Leonardo
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 49-61

Deep confined karst detection, analysis and paleohydrology reconstruction at a basin-wide scale using new geophysical interpretation of borehole logs; Laskow, M.; Gendler, M.; Goldberg, I.; Gvirtzman, H.; Frumkin, A.
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 406, 3; 158-169

On the formation of dissolution pipes in Quaternary coastal calcareous arenites in Mediterranean settings; De Waele, Jo; Lauritzen, Stein-Erik; Parise, Mario
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 2010; 36, 2; 143-157

Tracing the sources of cave sulfates: a unique case from Cerna Valley, Romania; Onac, Bogdan P.; Wynn, Jonathan G.; Sumrall, Jonathan B.
Chemical Geology 2011; , 288; 105-114

Distinction between epigenic and hypogenic maze caves; Palmer, Arthur N.
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 9-22

On the formation of collapse dolines: A modelling perspective; Gabrovšek, Franci; Stepišnik, Uroš
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 23-31

Karstic uvala revisited: Toward a redefinition of the term; Ćalić, Jelena
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 32-42

New peculiar cave ceiling forms from Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico, USA): The zenithal ceiling tube-holes; Calaforra, Jose-Maria; De Waele, Jo
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 43-48

Correlations of cave levels, stream terraces and planation surfaces along the River Mur—Timing of landscape evolution along the eastern margin of the Alps; Wagner, Thomas; Fritz, Harald; Stüwe, Kurt; Nestroy, Othmar; Rodnight, Helena; Hellstrom, John; Benischke, Ralf
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 62-78

Role of sediment in speleogenesis; sedimentation and paragenesis; Farrant, Andrew R.; Smart, Peter L.
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; -

Geomorphology and genesis of the remarkable Araras Ridge tufa deposit, Western Brazil; Corrêa, Daniel; Auler, Augusto S.; Wang, Xianfeng; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Cheng, Hai
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 94-101

The Dead Sea sinkhole hazard: Geophysical assessment of salt dissolution and collapse; Frumkin, Amos; Ezersky, Michael; Al-Zoubi, Abdallah; Akkawi, Emad; Abueladas, Abdel-Rahman
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 102-117

The use of karst geomorphology for planning, hazard avoidance and development in Great Britain; Cooper, Anthony H.; Farrant, Andrew R.; Price, Simon J.
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 118-131

A preliminary analysis of failure mechanisms in karst and man-made underground caves in Southern Italy; Parise, M.; Lollino, P.
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 132-143

Integrating geomorphological mapping, trenching, InSAR and GPR for the identification and characterization of sinkholes: A review and application in the mantled evaporite karst of the Ebro Valley (NE Spain); Gutiérrez, Francisco; Galve, Jorge Pedro; Lucha, Pedro; Castañeda, Carmen; Bonachea, Jaime; Guerrero, Jesús
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 144-156

Improving sinkhole hazard models incorporating magnitude–frequency relationships and nearest neighbor analysis; Galve, Jorge P.; Remondo, Juan; Gutiérrez, Francisco
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 1; 157-170

Cave clastic sediments and implications for speleogenesis: New insights from the Mugnano Cave (Montagnola Senese, Northern Apennines, Italy); Martini Ivan
Geomorphology 2011; 134, 3; 452-460

Cyclic sedimentation in Brazilian caves: Mechanisms and palaeoenvironmental significance; Auler, Augusto S.; Smart, Peter L; Wang, Xianfeng; Piló, Luís B.; Edwards, Lawrence; Cheng, Hai
Geomorphology 2009; 106, 1; 142-153

Karst Groundwater Management through Science and Education; Guo, Fang; Jiang, Guanghui
Open Journal of Geology 2011; , 1; 45-50

Identifying the Stream Erosion Potential of Cave Levels in Carter Cave State Resort Park, Kentucky, USA; Jacoby, B. S.; Peterson, E. W.; Dogwiler, T.
Journal of Geographic Information System 2011; 3, 2; 323-333

Spreading of tracer plumes through confined telogenetic karst aquifers: A model; Gabrovsek, Franci; Dreybrodt, Wolfgang
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 409, 1; 20-29

Karst and artificial recharge: Theoretical and practical problems: A preliminary approach to artificial recharge assessment; Daher, Walid; Pistre, Severin; Kneppers, Angeline; Bakalowicz, Michel; Najem, Wajdi
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 408, 3; 189-202

Calibrating the exchange coefficient in the modified coupled continuum pipe-flow model for flows in karst aquifers; Chen, Nan; Gunzburger, Max; Hu, Bill; Wang, Xiaoming; Woodruff, Celestine
2011; , ; -

Morphometric analysis of three-dimensional networks of karst conduits; Pardo-Iguzquiza, Eulogio; Duran-Valsero, Juan J.; Rodriguez-Galiano, Victor
Geomorphology 2011; 132, 1; 17-28

Radon and CO2 as natural tracers to investigate the recharge dynamics of karst aquifers; Savoy, Ludovic; Surbeck, Heinz; Hunkeler, Daniel
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 406, 3; 148-157

Geological pattern formation by growth and dissolution in aqueous systems; Meakin, P.; Jamtveit, B.
2010; 466, ; 659-694

The mineral assemblage of caves within Salitrari Mountain (Cerna Valley, SW Romania): depositional environment and speleogenetic implications; Puscas, Cristina M.; Onac, Bogdan P.; Tamas, Tudor
Carbonates and Evaporites 2010; 25, 2; 107-115

Evolution of solution dolines inferred from cosmogenic 36Cl in calcite ; Matsushi, Y.; Hattanji, T.; Akiyama, S.; Sasa, K.; Takahashi, T.; Sueki, K.; Matsukura, Y.
Geology 2010; 38, 11; 1039-1042

Geological methods applied to speleogenetical research in vertical caves: the example of Torca Teyera shaft (Picos de Europa, northern Spain); Ballesteros, Daniel; Jimenez-Sanchez, Montserrat; Garcia-Sansegundo, Joaquin; Giralt, Santiago
Carbonates and Evaporites 2011; 26, 1; 29-40

Speleogenesis and deposition of sediments in Cioclovina Uscata Cave, Sureanu Mountains, Romania; Hauselmann, Anamaria Diana; Hauselmann, Philipp; Onac, Bogdan Petroniu
Environmental Earth Science 2010; 61, 8; 1561-1571

River reversals into karst springs: A model for cave enlargement in eogenetic karst aquifers; Gulley, J.; Martin, J.B.; Screaton, E.J.; Moore, P.J.
Geological Society of America Bulletin 2011; 123, 3; 457-467

Solutional features and cave deposits related to hypogene speleogenetic processes in a littoral cave of Mallorca Island (western Mediterranean); Fornos, J. J.; Merino, À.; Gines, A.; Gracia, F.
Carbonates and Evaporites 2011; 26, 1; 69-81

Reconnaissance study of active sulfide springs and cave systems in the southern part of the Sulaimani Governorate (NE Iraq); Iurkiewicz, Adrian A.; Stevanovic, Zoran P.
Carbonates and Evaporites 2010; 25, 3; 203-216

Tracer Investigations of the Nature and Structure of Subsurface Voids in Mildly Karstic Aquifers: an Example from the English Chalk; Maurice, L.; Atkinson, T.C.; Barker J.A.; Williams, A.T.; Farrant, A.; Gallagher, A.
2010; , ; 137-142

Physics of Condensation Corrosion in Caves; Gabrovsek,F.; Dreybrodt, W.; Perne, M.
2010; , ; 491-496

The Gran Sabana: The World’s Finest Quartzite Karst?; Wray, Robert A. L.
2010; , ; 79-88

Multi-tracer investigation of groundwater residence time in a karstic aquifer: Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA; Land, Lewis; Huff, G.F.
Hydrogeology Journal 2010; 18, 2; 455-472

The role of hydrogeological base level in the formation of sub-horizontal caves horizons, example from the Dead Sea Basin, Israel; Kafri, Uri; Yechieli, Yoseph
Environmental Earth Science 2010; 61, 6; 1145-1152

Structural controls on the occurrence and morphology of karstified assemblages in northeastern Vietnam: a regional perspective; Tran, Hai Thanh; Dang, Bat Van; Ngo, Chi Kim; Hoang, Que Dinh; Nguyen, Quyen Minh
Environmental Earth Science 2011; , ; -

Void development on carbonate coasts: creation of anchialine habitat; Mylroie, John E.; Mylroie, Joan R.
Hydrobiologia 2011; , ; -

How to Model Realistic 3D Karst Reservoirs Using a Pseudo-Genetic Methodology – Example of Two Case Studies ; Borghi, A.; Renard, P.; Jenni S.
2010; , ; 251-255

Development challenges in karst regions: sustainable land use planning in the karst of Slovenia; Gabrovsek, Franci; Knez, Martin; Kogovsek, Janja; Mihevc, Andrej; Mulec, Janez
Carbonates and Evaporites 2011; 26, 4; 365-380

Management of Carbonate Aquifers; Worthington, Stephen R.H.
2011; , ; 243-261

Submarine and coastal karstic groundwater discharges along the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey; Bayari, C. Serdar; Ozyurt, N. Nur; Oztan, Mehmet; Bastanlar, Yalin; Varinlioglu, Guzden
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 2; 399-414

Multiple technologies applied to characterization of the porosity and permeability of the Biscayne aquifer, Florida; Cunningham, K.J.; Sukop, M.C.
2011; , ; 1-8

Regularity and formation mechanism of large-scale abrupt karst collapse in southern China in the first half of 2010; Zhao, Haijun; Ma, Fengshan; Guo, Jie
Natural Hazards 2011; , ; 1-18

PaPRIKa: a method for estimating karst resource and source vulnerability—application to the Ouysse karst system (southwest France) ; Kavouri, Konstantina; Plagnes, Valerie; Tremoulet, Joel; Dorfliger, Nathalie; Rejiba, Faycal; Marchet, Pierre
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 2; 339-353

Comparative application of two methods (COP and PaPRIKa) for groundwater vulnerability mapping in Mediterranean karst aquifers (France and Spain) ; Marin, A. I.; Dorfliger, N.; Andreo, O.
Environmental Earth Science 2011; , ; 1-15

Contribution of geophysical methods to karst-system exploration: an overview; Chalikakis, Konstantinos; Plagnes,Valerie; Guerin, Roger; Valois, Remi; Bosch, Frank P.
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 6; 1169-1180

Ascending speleogenesis of Sokola Hill: a step towards a speleogenetic model of the Polish Jura; Gradziński, M.; Hercman, H.; Kicińska, D.; Pura, D.; Urban, J.
Acta Geologica Polonica 2011; 64, 4; 341-365

Ferruginous thermal spring complexes, northwest Tasmania: Evidence that far-field stresses acting on a fracture mesh can open and maintain vertical flow in carbonate terrains; Davidson, G.J.; Bavea, M.; Harris, K.
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 7; 1367-1386

Sandstone caves on Venezuelan tepuis: Return to pseudokarst?; Aubrecht, R.;Lanczos, T.;Gregor, M.; Schlogl, J.; Smida, B.; Liscak, P.; Brewer-Carias, C.H.; Vlek, L.
Geomorphology 2011; 132, 3; 351-365

Karst morphology and groundwater vulnerability of high alpine karst plateaus; Plan, L.; Decker, K.; Faber, R.; Wagreich, M.; Grasemann, B.
Environmental Geology 2009; 58, 2; 285-297

Influence of initial heterogeneities and recharge limitations on the evolution of aperture distributions in carbonate aquifers; Hubinger, B.; Birk, S.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2011; 8, 3; 5631-5666

Interpretation of ancient epikarst features in carbonate successions — A note of caution; Immenhauser, Adrian; Rameil, Niels
Sedimentary Geology 2011; 239, ; 1-9

Structural and host rock controls on the distribution, morphology and mineralogy of speleothems in the Castanar Cave (Spain); Alonso-Zarza, A.M.; Martin-Perez, A.; Martin-Garcia, R.; Gil-Pena, I.; Melendez, A.; Martinez-Flores, E.; Hellstrom, J.; Munoz-Barco, P.
Geological Magazine 2011; 148, 2; 211-225

Isotopic archives of sulphate in speleothems; Wynn, Peter M.; Fairchild, Ian J.; Baker, Andy; Baldini, James U.L; McDermott, Frank
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2008; 72, ; 2465-2477

Giant pockmarks in a carbonate platform (Maldives, Indian Ocean); Betzler, C.; Lindhorst, S.; Hubscher, C.; Ludmann, T.; Furstenau, J.; Reijmer, J.
Marine Geology 2011; 289, 1; 1-16

Origin and karst geomorphological significance of the enigmatic Australian Nullarbor Plain ‘blowholes’; Doerr, Stefan H.; Davies, Rob R.; Lewis,Alexander; Pilkington, Graham ; Webb, John A.; Ackroyd, Peter J.; Bodger, Owen
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 2011; , ; -

Ferruginous thermal spring complexes, northwest Tasmania: evidence that far-field stresses acting on a fracture mesh can open and maintain vertical flow in carbonate terrains; Davidson, Garry J.; Bavea, Michael; Harris, Kathryn
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; 19, 7; 1367-1386

High-precision 238U–234U–230Th disequilibrium dating of the recent past: a review; Zhao, Jian-xin; Yu, Ke-fu; Feng, Yue-xing
Quaternary Geochronology 2009; , 4; 423-433

NALPS: a precisely dated European climate record 120–60 ka; Boch R., Cheng, H.; Spotl, C.; Edwards, R. L.; Wang, X.; Hauselmann, Ph.
Climate of the Past 2011; 7, ; 1247-1259