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University of South Florida, Tampa
International Journal of Speleology, 2013, Vol 42, Issue 1, p. 49-56
Natural and anthropogenic factors which influence aerosol distribution in Ingleborough Show Cave, UK

Monitoring in Ingleborough Show Cave (N. Yorkshire, UK) reveals the influence of tourism and cave management techniques on different parameters of the cave atmosphere. Exploratory aerosol monitoring identified a 0.015 ± 0.03 mg/m3 (≈70%) reduction in airborne particulates within the first 75 meters of cave passage and two major aerosol sources within this artificially ventilated show cave. Autogenic aerosol production was identified close to active stream ways (increases of <0.012 mg/m3), suggesting the expulsion of water-borne aerosols during turbulent water flow. The presence of tourist groups also increased aerosol concentrations within the cave (increases of <0.021 mg/m3), either by transporting them from an allogenic source or through the disturbance of particles which had previously been deposited within the cave environment. Exploratory aerosol data is presented alongside more routine analytical monitoring, helping to contextualise the impact of cave management strategies on natural cave atmospherics.