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Speleology in Kazakhstan

Shakalov on 11 Jul, 2012
Hello everyone!   I pleased to invite you to the official site of Central Asian Karstic-Speleological commission ("Kaspeko")   There, we regularly publish reports about our expeditions, articles and reports on speleotopics, lecture course for instructors, photos etc. ...

New publications on hypogene speleogenesis

Klimchouk on 26 Mar, 2012
Dear Colleagues, This is to draw your attention to several recent publications added to KarstBase, relevant to hypogenic karst/speleogenesis: Corrosion of limestone tablets in sulfidic ground-water: measurements and speleogenetic implications Galdenzi,

The deepest terrestrial animal

Klimchouk on 23 Feb, 2012
A recent publication of Spanish researchers describes the biology of Krubera Cave, including the deepest terrestrial animal ever found: Jordana, Rafael; Baquero, Enrique; Reboleira, Sofía and Sendra, Alberto. ...

Caves - landscapes without light

akop on 05 Feb, 2012
Exhibition dedicated to caves is taking place in the Vienna Natural History Museum   The exhibition at the Natural History Museum presents the surprising variety of caves and cave formations such as stalactites and various crystals. ...

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Calculating flux to predict future cave radon concentrations, Rowberry, Matt; Marti, Xavi; Frontera, Carlos; Van De Wiel, Marco; Briestensky, Milos
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UIS KHS Commission: Nominations are open for the election of officers

Author Alexander Klimchouk. Posted on 12 Jun, 2017

Dear members of the UIS KHS Commission,

The 17th International Congress of Speleology in Sydney, Australia is quickly approaching. The UIS KHS Commission has to present an activity report for the period since the last Congress in Brno (2013-2017) and elect new officers (President and two Vice-Presidents), either prior or during the Congress.

1. The UIS KHS Commission activity report. During the period of 2013-2017, the Commission has sponsored several important conferences and symposia and initiated three major international volumes. Several hundreds of articles on speleogenesis and karst hydrogeology topics have been published by the Commission members in major journals and conference proceedings. So, the Commission celebrates its 20th anniversary (created in 1997 by upgrading a respective Working Group) being active and productive. The report is currently under preparation and will be posted on Speleogenesis website within next 10 days. With possible subsequent amendments, it will be presented to the UIS General Assembly during the Congress in Sydney.

2. An election of the Commission officers. Following the practice established in 2013, I suggest that we’ll run an election before the Congress, via online voting. In this way, we’ll have a possibility to nominate candidates and perform voting, thus forming a new leadership with a wide involvement of the speleogenesis/karst hydrogeology community. This would be impossible to do during a formal meeting at Congress, considering limited time and attendance.  

I suggest the following procedures and time schedule for the election campaign.  

1) Nomination of candidates for three officers (a president and two vice-presidents) starts immediately upon the distribution of this message and lasts until June 30.  Candidates can be nominated by any affiliated member (registered at Speleogenesis website). IMPORTANT: Prior to nominating a candidate, a nominator must contact him/her and make sure that he/she agrees to stand for an election. Self-nominations are acceptable. Same candidates may be nominated for a president and for a vice-president (if such a candidate takes the first place in the election of a president, she/he will be excluded from the rating list for vice-presidents). Please, send nominations to me (klim[at]peleogenesis.info; copy to klimreserve[at]gmail.com), indicating a suggested position (a president or a vice-president), full name of a candidate, his/her affiliation, and email. I’ll post a list of nominees at Speleogenesis News by the end of the nomination campaign.

I encourage members of the UIS KHS Commission to take an active part in the nomination campaign. I will definitely not run for a president for the next period. I am very grateful to the community for excellent cooperation, and for supporting my initiatives during the ( probably too long) term of my presidency. Of course, I will remain an active member of the commission and I will do all my best to foster and support its activity. In particular, new officers may rely on the continued functioning of the Speleogenesis website in supporting the Commission activity, which will be ensured by our webmaster Alexey Kopchinskiy and me.

2) Voting will take place between July 5 – 15 via online polls, and results will be posted on Speleogenesis website and presented for an approval by the UIS General Assembly in Sydney. Candidates nominated for a president and vice-presidents will be included in two separate polls. The voting will be by the core members (members of the Commission’s Executive Bureau; 40 colleagues from 15 nations; for the full list see http://www.speleogenesis.info/news-all.php?pageNum_rsGeneralNews=7&totalRows_rsGeneralNews=174&id=271).   

3. Commission meeting during the 17th International Congress of Speleology in Sydney. The Commission will have its meeting at the Congress to review and discuss its activity and consolidate/develop plans for the future. Time and a place are not determined as yet and will be announced additionally. Unfortunately, I’ll not attend the Congress, but the meeting will be convened and chaired by the Commission Vice-President Jo De Waele.   

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Klimchouk,

President, UIS KHS Commission


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Doctoral Study Program in Karstology in Slovenia

04 Jun, 2018

The University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) announced its Doctoral Study Program in Karstology (Third level) For details, visit Web page: http://www. ...

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Middle East Speleology Symposium (MESS4) in Antalia, Turkey

04 Jun, 2018

Middle East Speleological Symposium, MESS, is back in its 4th edition from the 3rd till the 6th of October 2018 in Antalya, Turkey Cavers from the Middle East will meet their colleagues from all over the world to share the latest Speleogical news of the region. ...

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Karst hydrogeology job in Peru

07 Feb, 2018

A Karst Hydrogeologist position is open at FloSolutions-GWX, Lima, Peru Salary: US$80,000 – US$120,000 (based on experience level) Our Lima office has an immediate opening for a Karst Hydrogeologist with a minimum of 8 years’ experience. ...

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New arrangements with a Hypogene Karst Special Issue

03 Nov, 2017

Special Issue of the International Journal of Speleology Processes and Manifestations of Hypogene Karstification This call substitutes and extends the earlier call for the Special Issue of Geofluids, which is canceled due to the low number of submissions received by the announced deadline Because a considerable number of requests has been received to extend the preparation of such a volume and to find a publication platform that would not require processing charges or any other expenses for published articles, the arrangements have been made to set up a Special Issue “Processes and Manifestations of Hypogene Karstification” with the International Journal of Speleology (http://scholarcommons. ...

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UIS KHS Commission Report for 2013-2017

05 Jul, 2017

Commission of Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis 2013-2017 Activity Report Background and Goals The UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis (KHS Commission) started in 1994 as a Working Group with the same name In 1997 it had been upgraded to the Commission by the UIS General Assembly (ICS-12, Switzerland). ...

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