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Speleology in Kazakhstan

Shakalov on 04 Jul, 2018
Hello everyone!   I pleased to invite you to the official site of Central Asian Karstic-Speleological commission ("Kaspeko")   There, we regularly publish reports about our expeditions, articles and reports on speleotopics, lecture course for instructors, photos etc. ...

New publications on hypogene speleogenesis

Klimchouk on 26 Mar, 2012
Dear Colleagues, This is to draw your attention to several recent publications added to KarstBase, relevant to hypogenic karst/speleogenesis: Corrosion of limestone tablets in sulfidic ground-water: measurements and speleogenetic implications Galdenzi,

The deepest terrestrial animal

Klimchouk on 23 Feb, 2012
A recent publication of Spanish researchers describes the biology of Krubera Cave, including the deepest terrestrial animal ever found: Jordana, Rafael; Baquero, Enrique; Reboleira, Sofía and Sendra, Alberto. ...

Caves - landscapes without light

akop on 05 Feb, 2012
Exhibition dedicated to caves is taking place in the Vienna Natural History Museum   The exhibition at the Natural History Museum presents the surprising variety of caves and cave formations such as stalactites and various crystals. ...

Did you know?

That karst window is 1. depression revealing a part of a subterranean river flowing across its floor, or an unroofed part of a cave. 2. a small natural bridge or arch which can be seen through [10]. 3. a through opening in natural limestone walls, formed by the joining of karst grottos as a result of dissolution processes [20]. synonyms: (french.) fenetre karstique; (german.) karstfenster; (greek.) karstikon parathyron; (italian.) finestra carsica; (russian.) karstovoe okno; (spanish.) dolina en ventana; (turkish.) karst penceresi; (yugoslavian.) krsko (krasko) okno.?

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Calculating flux to predict future cave radon concentrations, Rowberry, Matt; Marti, Xavi; Frontera, Carlos; Van De Wiel, Marco; Briestensky, Milos
Microbial mediation of complex subterranean mineral structures, Tirato, Nicola; Torriano, Stefano F.F;, Monteux, Sylvain; Sauro, Francesco; De Waele, Jo; Lavagna, Maria Luisa; D’Angeli, Ilenia Maria; Chailloux, Daniel; Renda, Michel; Eglinton, Timothy I.; Bontognali, Tomaso Renzo Rezio
Evidence of a plate-wide tectonic pressure pulse provided by extensometric monitoring in the Balkan Mountains (Bulgaria), Briestensky, Milos; Rowberry, Matt; Stemberk, Josef; Stefanov, Petar; Vozar, Jozef; Sebela, Stanka; Petro, Lubomir; Bella, Pavel; Gaal, Ludovit; Ormukov, Cholponbek;
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Glossary of Karst and Cave Terms

Based on "A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology with Special to Environmental Karst Hydrology" EPA/600/R-02/003, 2002, EPA: Washington, DC., Speleogenesis Glossary includes 2699 cave & karst terms


Terms starting with letter h (106):

habitat, hade, Hagen-Poiseuille equation, Halbhohle, Halbkugelkarst, half tube; half-tube, half-blind valley, half-exposed karren, halite, hall, halocline, halomorphic soil, hanging blade, hannayite, hardening, hardness, hardpan, harness, havara, haystack hill, head, head loss, head water, head, static, head, total, heat of condensation, heat of vaporization, heel-print karren, helictite, heligmite, helmet, hematite, hemimorphite, herbivore, heterogeneity, heterogeneous, hexahydrite, hibbenite, hibernation, histo, histoplasmosis, hod, holokarst, homogeneity, homogeneous, homogeneous fluid, hook gage, hopeite, horizontal angle, horst, Horton number, hot-seat rappel, hoya, hoyo, hum, humidity, absolute, humidity, relative, humus-water grooves, huntite, hydration, hydraulic barrier, hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic conductivity, effective, hydraulic diffusivity, hydraulic discharge, hydraulic fracturing, hydraulic gradient, hydraulic head, hydraulic jump, hydraulic profile, hydraulic radius, hydrochemical facies, hydrocompaction, hydrodynamic dispersion, hydrodynamic dispersion, coefficient of, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeologic, hydrogeologic, hydrogeologic unit, hydrogeology, hydrograph, hydrograph separation, hydrograph, characteristic, hydrography, hydrologic barrier, hydrologic budget, hydrologic properties, hydrology, hydromagnesite, hydrometeorology, hydrometric station, hydrometry, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrophyte, hydroscopic coefficient, hydroscopic water, hydrosphere, hydrostatic pressure, hydrostratigraphic unit, hydroxylapatite, hydrozincite, hyetograph, hygrometer, hygroscopic nucleus, hypogean, hypogeum, hypolimnion,

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