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Speleogenesis Issue 12, 2012

Original article
Papadopoulou - Vrynioti Kyriaki; Kampolis, Isidoros
Formation and development of a karstic system below and above sea level in Messinian Mani Peninsula (S. Greece)
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2012, ISSUE 12
Original article
Verheyden, S., Keppens, E., Van Strydonck, M., Quinif, Y.
The 8.2 ka event: is it registered in Belgian speleothems?
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2012, ISSUE 12
Original article
Boudinet, P.
A statistical model of karstic flow conduits
UIS KHS Commission, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers, 2012, ISSUE 12

Featured articles from karst and cave journals

Acta carsologica 2008; 37, 2; 241-253

Speleogenesis of the “Buco dei Vinchi” inactive swallow hole (Monte Croara karst sub-area, Bologna, Italy), an outstanding example of antigravitative erosion (or “paragenesis”) in selenitic gypsum. An outline of the “post-antigravitative erosion” ; Pasini, Giancarlo
Acta carsologica 2012; 41, 1; 15-34

Slovensky Kras 2011; 49, 1; 5-21

Scientific drilling of speleothems – a technical note; Spötl, Christoph; Mattey, David
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 1; 29-34

Active tectonics and earthquake destructions in caves of northern and central Switzerland; Becker, Arnfried; Häuselmann, Philipp; Eikenberg, Jost; Gilli, Eric
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 1; 35-49

Measurement of luminescent banding in speleothems: some techniques and limitations; Crowell, Bryan E.; White, William B.
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 1; 51-58

Speleogenetic effects of interaction between deeply derived fracture-conduit and intrastratal matrix flow in hypogene karst settings; Klimchouk A.B., Tymokhina E.I., Amelichev G.N.
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 37-55

Corrosion of limestone tablets in sulfidic ground-water: measurements and speleogenetic implications; Galdenzi, Sandro
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 35-55

In defense of a fluctuating-interface, particle-accretion origin of folia; Davis Donald G.
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 189-198

Gypsum-carbonate speleothems from Cueva de las Espadas (Naica mine, Mexico): mineralogy and palaeohydrogeological implications; Gázquez Fernando; Calaforra José Maria; Forti Paolo; Rull Fernando; Martínez-Frías Jesús
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 211-220

Spatially dense drip hydrological monitoring and infiltration behaviour at the Wellington Caves, South East Australia; Jex Catherine N.; Mariethoz Gregoire; Baker Andy; Graham Peter; Andersen Martin S.; Acworth Ian; Edwards Nerilee; Azcurra Cecilia
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 285-298

Speleothem microstructure/speleothem ontogeny: a review of Western contributions; White William B.
International Journal of Speleology 2012; 41, 2; 331-360

Hypogene Point Karstification along Wadi Sirhan Graben (Jordan): A Sign of Oilfield Degassing? ; Al-Malabeh, Ahmad; Kempe, Stephan
Acta carsologica 2012; 41, 1; 35-45

Analysis of the capabilities of low frequency ground penetrating radar for cavities detection in rough terrain conditions: The case of Divača cave, Slovenia ; Gosar, Andrej
Acta carsologica 2012; 41, 1; 77-88

Isotopic composition of atmospheric precipitation and karstic springs of the north-west slope of the Crimean Mountains; Dublyansky, Y.V.; Klimchouk, Ŕ.B.; Amelichev, G.N.; Tokarev, S.V.; Spötl, C.
Speleology and Karstology 2011; , 9; 14-21

Cave ventilation is influenced by variations in the CO2-dependent virtual temperature; Sánchez-Cańete, E.P.; Serrano-Ortiz, P.; Domingo, F.; Kowalski, A.S.
International Journal of Speleology 2013; 42, 1; 1-8

Mixing of water in a carbonate aquifer, southern Italy, analysed through stable isotope investigations; Petrella, E.; Celico, F.
International Journal of Speleology 2013; 42, 1; 25-33

Natural and anthropogenic factors which influence aerosol distribution in Ingleborough Show Cave, UK; Smith, A.C.; Wynn, P.M.; Barker, P.A.
International Journal of Speleology 2013; 42, 1; 49-56

A new speleogenetic paradigm from Central Scandinavia and its relevance for northern caves.; Faulkner, Trevor
NSS News 2011; 67, 9; 3-9

Thermomineral waters of inner Dinarides Karst; Milenić, Dejan; Krunić, Olivera; Milanković, Djuro
Acta carsologica 2012; 41, 2; 235-252

Isotopic composition of atmospheric precipitation and karstic springs of the north-west slope of the Crimean Mountains; Dublyansky Y.V.; Klimchouk Ŕ.B.; Amelichev G.N.; Tokarev S.V.; Spötl, C
Speleology and Karstology 2012; , 9; 14-21

Alteration of isotopic composition of wallrock of hypogene karst conduits in the Crimean Piedmont; Dublyansky, Y.V.; Klimchouk, A.B.; Tymokhina, E.I.; Amelichev, G.N.; Spötl, C.
Speleology and Karstology 2013; , 10; 58-75

Incision history of Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, USA, from the uranium-series analyses of water-table speleothems; Polyak, V.J.; DuChene, H.; Davis, D.G.; Palmer, A.N., Palmer, M.V., Asmerom, Y.
International Journal of Speleology 2013; 42, 3; 193-202

Hypogenic origin of Provalata Cave, Republic of Macedonia: a distinct case of successive thermal carbonic and sulfuric acid speleogenesis; Temovski, Marjan; Audra, Philippe; Mihevc, Andrej; Spangenberg, Jorge E. ; Polyak, Victor; McIntosh, William; Bigot, Jean-Yves.
International Journal of Speleology 2013; 42, 3; 235-246

Featured articles from other geoscience journals

Comparative study of specific groundwater vulnerability of a karst aquifer in central Florida; van Beynen, P.E. ; Niedzielski, M.A. ; Bialkowska-Jelinska, E. ; Alsharifa, K.; Matusick, J.
Applied Georgaphy 2012; 32, 2; 868-877

Carbonate porosity creation by mesogenetic dissolution: Reality or illusion?; Ehrenberg, Stephen N.; Walderhaug, Olav; Bjorlykke, Knut
Aapg Bulletin 2012; 96, 2; 217-233

The climatic cyclicity in semiarid-arid central Asia over the past 500,000 years; Cheng, H.; Zhang, P.Z.; Spötl, C.; Edwards, R.L.; Cai, Y.J.; Zhang, D. Z.; Sang, W.C.; Tan, M.; An, Z.S.
Geophysical Research Letters 2012; 39, ; 1-5

Speleothem deposition at the glaciation threshold — An attempt to constrain the age and paleoenvironmental significance of a detrital-rich flowstone sequence from Entrische Kirche Cave (Austria); Meyer, M.C.; Spötl, Ch.; Mangini, A.; Tessadri, R.
Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 2012; 319, ; 93-106

Hypogenic contribution to speleogenesis in a predominant epigenic karst system: A case study from the Venetian Alps, Italy; Tisato Nicola, Sauro Francesco, Bernasconi Stefano M., Bruijn Rolf H.C., De Waele Jo
Geomorphology 2012; 151, ; 156-163

The nature and distribution of flowing features in a weakly karstified porous limestone aquifer; Maurice, L.D.; Atkinson, T.C.; Barker, J.A.; Williams, A.T.; Gallagher, A.J.
Journal of Hydrology 2012; , 438; 3-15

Solute transport in solution conduits exhibiting multi-peaked breakthrough curves; Field, M.S.; Leij, F.J.
Journal of Hydrology 2012; , 440; 26-35

Radionuclides as natural tracers for the characterization of fluids in regional discharge areas, Buda Thermal Karst, Hungary; Eross, A.; Mádl-Szonyi, J.; Surbeck, H.; Horváth, Á.; Goldscheider, N.; Csoma, A.É.
Journal of Hydrology 2012; , 426; 124-137

Simulation of flow processes in a large scale karst system with an integrated catchment model (Mike She) – Identification of relevant parameters influencing spring discharge; Doummar, J.; Sauter, M.; Geyer, T.
Journal of Hydrology 2012; , 246; 112-123

Piezometric and hydrogeochemical characterization of groundwater circulation in complex karst aquifers. A case study: the Mancha Real-Pegalajar aquifer (Southern Spain); Gonzalez-Ramon, A.; Lopez-Chicano, M.; Rubio-Campos, J.C.
Environmental Earth Science 2012; , ; 1-15

Modelling hydrostratigraphy and groundwater flow of a fractured and karst aquifer in a Mediterranean basin (Salento peninsula, southeastern Italy); Giudici, M.; Margiotta, S.; Mazzone, F.; Negri, S.; Vassena, C.
Environmental Earth Science 2012; , ; 1-17

Groundwater recharge and exploitative potential zone mapping using GIS and GOD techniques; Huang, C.-C.; Yeh, H.-F.; Lin, H.-I.; Lee, S.-T.; Hsu, K.-C.; Lee, C.-H.
Environmental Earth Science 2012; , ; 1-14

Carbon cycle in the epikarst systems and its ecological effects in South China; Jiang, Z.; Lian, Y.; Qin, X.
Environmental Earth Science 2012; , ; 1-8

Review: The Yucatán Peninsula karst aquifer, Mexico; Bauer-Gottwein, P.; Gondwe, B.R.N.; Charvet, G.; Marín, L.E.; Rebolledo-Vieyra, M.; Merediz-Alonso, G.
Hydrogeology Journal 2011; , 19; 507-524

Overview of karst geo-environments and karst water resources in north and south China; Keqiang, H.; Jia, Y.; Wang, F.; Lu, Y.
Environmental Earth Science 2011; , 64; 1865-1873

Post-speleogenetic biogenic modification of Gomantong Caves, Sabah, Borneo ; Lundberg, J; McFarlane, D. A.
Geomorphology 2012; , 157; 153-168

Phreatic cave calcites - archives of two realms; Immenhauser, Adrian
Geology Today 2009; 25, 1; 29-33

NALPS: a precisely dated European climate record 120–60 ka; Boch, R.; Cheng, H.; Spotl, C.; Edwards, R. L.; Wang, X.; Hauselmann, Ph.
Climate of the Past 2011; , 7; 1247-1259

Mixing and transport of water in a karst catchment: a case study from precipitation via seepage to the spring; Schwarz, K.; Barth, J.A.C.; Postigo-Rebollo, C.; Grathwohl, P.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2009; , 13; 285-292

Characterization of quaternary tufas in the Serra do André Lopes karst, southeastern Brazil ; Filho, William Sallun; Almeida, Luis Henrique Sapiensa; Boggiani, Paulo Cesar; Karmann, Ivo
Carbonates and Evaporites 2012; 27, 3; 357-373

Electrical resistivity surveys of anthropogenic karst phenomena, southeastern New Mexico; Land L., Veni G.
New Mexico Geology 2012; 34, 4; 117-125

Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave in the Crimea, a huge bone accumulation of Late Pleistocene fauna; Ridush, Â.; Stefaniak, K.; Socha, P.; Proskurnyak, Y. ; Marciszak, A.; Vremir, M.; Nadachowski, A.
Quaternary International 2013; 284, ; 151-160

A holistic approach to groundwater protection and ecosystem services in karst terrains; Goldscheider, Nico
AQUA mundi 2012; , 0; 117-124

The new global lithological map database GLiM: A representation of rock properties at the Earth surface; Hartmann, Jens; Moosdorf, Nils
Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 2012; 13, 12; 1-37

Deep confined karst detection, analysis and paleo-hydrology reconstruction at a basin-wide scale using new geophysical interpretation of borehole logs; Laskow, M.; Gendler, M.; Goldberg, I.; Gvirtzman, H.; Frumkin, A.
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 406, 3; 158-169

Radon and CO2 as natural tracers to investigate the recharge dynamics of karst aquifers; Savoy, Ludovic; Surbeck, Heinz; Hunkeler, Daniel
Journal of Hydrology 2011; 406, ; 148-156

Carbonate Aquifers; Cunningham, K.J.; Sukop, M.C.; Curran, H.A.
Developments in Sedimentology 2012; 68, ; 869-896

Development of a deep karst system within a transpressional structure of the Dolomites in north-east Italy; Sauro, Francesco; Zampieri, Dario; Filipponi, Marco
Geomorphology 2013; 184, ; 51-63

Landscape evolution in the Tacchi area (Central-East Sardinia, Italy) based on karst and fluvial morphology and age of cave sediments; de Waele, J., Ferrarese F., Granger, D. Sauro, F.
Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria 2012; , 35; 119-127

Lithological and structural guidance on speleogenesis in Spluga della Preta cave, Lessini Mountains (Veneto, Italy); Sauro, F.; Piccini, L.; Menichetti, M.; Artoni, A.; Migliorini, E.
Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria 2012; 35, ; 167-176

Effective porosity of a carbonate aquifer with bacterial contamination: Walkerton, Ontario, Canada; Worthington, S.R.H.; Smart, C.C.; Ruland, W.
Journal of Hydrology 2012; 464, ; 517-527

Influence of conduit network geometry on solute transport in karst aquifers with a permeable matrix; Ronayne, M.J.
Advances in Water Resources 2013; 56, ; 1-34

Palaeohydrogeological control of palaeokarst macro-porosity genesis during a major sea-level lowstand: Danian of the Urbasa–Andia plateau, Navarra, North Spain; Baceta J.I., Wright V.P., Beavington-Penney S.J., Pujalte V.
Sedimentary Geology 2007; 199, 3; 141-169

Differentiated characterization of karst aquifers: some contributions; Geyer T.; Birk S.; Reimann T.; Dorfliger N.; Sauter M.
Carbonates and Evaporites 2013; 28, 1; 41-46

Comparison of discharge, chloride, temperature, uranine, dD, and suspended sediment responses from a multiple tracer test in karst; Luhmann A.J.; Covington M.D.; Alexander S.C.; Chai S.Y.; Schwartz B.F.; Groten J.T.; Alexander Jr. E.C.
Carbonates and Evaporites 2013; 28, 1; 191-199

Discussion on the article ‘Coastal and inland karst morphologies driven by sea level stands: a GIS based method for their evaluation’ by Canora F, Fidelibus D and Spilotro G; De Waele, Jo; Parise, Mario
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 2013; 38, ; 902-907

Comment on “Sandstone caves on Venezuelan tepuis: Return to pseudokarst?” by R. Aubrecht, T. Lánczos, M. Gregor, J. Schlögl, B. Smída, P. Liscák, Ch. Brewer-Carías, L. Vlcek, Geomorphology 132 (2011), 351–365; Sauro, F.; Piccini, L.; Mecchia, M.; De Waele, J.
Geomorphology 2013; 197, ; 190-196