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Environmental Earth Science/Environmental Earth Sciences, 2010, Vol 61, Issue 8, p. 1561-1571
Speleogenesis and deposition of sediments in Cioclovina Uscata Cave, Sureanu Mountains, Romania

The sedimentary deposits from Cioclovina Uscata Cave yielded numerous paleontological, anthropological and mineralogical findings. However, until now, a study of the sediments and their depositional features and environment had not been conducted. Here, we present a complete study of the sediments within the Main Gallery with the purpose of documenting their origin, depositional mode and processes, and direction of the paleodrainages. Seventeen sedimentary profiles were mapped and analyzed. A complete map was drawn, based on the lithological description, laboratory analyses, and the exact position of the profiles in the sedimentary deposit and their location along the gallery. Although the deposition mode of the sediments is very complex, the distribution of three main complexes (silt, sand and pebbles) can be clearly distinguished, indicating a typical cave channel lithofacies. We recognize seven stages in the evolution of the cave; the third one indicates a sudden change in the climatic conditions at the surface.