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Central European Geology, 2008, Vol 51, Issue 3, p. 267-281
Characteristics of discharge at Rose and Gellért Hills, Budapest, Hungary

This study focuses on the discharge characteristics of the Buda Thermal Karst (Budapest, Hungary) found at the Rose and Gellért Hills. The Buda Thermal Karst is a recently active hydrothermal karst system in the heart of Budapest. Studying this unique hydrogeologic system is thus a challenge because of the human impact effects. The research approach is based on the concept of hydrological system analysis (Engelen and Kloosterman 1996), which means that the flow system geometry and recharge-discharge features must correlate when the influence of man on the flow regimes of an area is negligible. Therefore the flow system geometry could be deduced from the evaluation of manifestations of flowing groundwater. To achieve this archival hydrogeologic data and recent observations were used. Based on the localization of springs, collections of archival temperature and chemical data, as well as recent observations, conceptual models were established for the discharge in the Rose Hill and Gellért Hill areas. The observations indicate different discharge characteristics for the two study areas.