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Karst Graduate Student Opportunity

We have an immediate need at the University of Guam's Water & Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI) for a graduate research assistant in environmental science preferably starting in January 2015, and certainly in August, which a strong prospect of additional funding for at least one more research assistantship starting in August 2015.  These opportunities are associated with some of the collaborative work in which WERI and the USGS’s Pacific Island Water Science Center (Honolulu) are engaged, including the possible expansion of the Guam's groundwater monitoring system, which they service for us. 

These RA opportunities would support MSci thesis research in the University's graduate Environmental Science Program.  Research opportunities include studies of karst groundwater hydrology on topics ranging from vadose percolation, storage and recharge.  Closely related work involves groundwater responses to storms and seasonal and longer-term changes in rainfall, and possibly even direct observation of the flow of phreatic groundwater (fresh and salt) in deep wells in coastal/island karst.  Another project involves reconstruction of wet-dry cycles of the past 100,000 year from cave deposits in northern Guam, in which we are collaborating with geochemists at the University of Texas-Austin.  The successful candidate will work with a team of other graduate students at the University of Guam as well as a post-doctoral researcher and faculty at the University of Texas-Austin.

The PowerPoint and pdf at the links below describe these opportunities in a bit more detail to colleagues who might be advising or know of graduating seniors who would be interested.

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11th November 2014
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